Whoopie Pies

4 Mar



Rustic Treats

3 Mar








For rustic cheesecake I used some goat cheese along with cream cheese. Beat the eggs (3), vanilla 1/4 tsp, sugar (1 cup) together. Add room temperature cheese (1 packet) and mix well using a whisk. When mixture is smooth, add it to pre-prepared store bought graham cracker shell. Bake in 350 degree oven. Slice and sprinkle more sugar (1 tbsp) on strawberries. Leave aside. Spread around the cake after it has completely cooled down. Leave the cake in refrigerator for at least an hour before eating.

Easy Vegetable Snack

21 Feb


Chickpea Flour (1 cup)
Red Pepper and Cumin Seeds (whole/ground 1 tsp)
Potato (1 medium)
Onion (1 Medium)
Salt (1/2 tsp)
Water (1 1/4 cup)

Mix the flour, water, spices and salt together using a whisk (smooth). Use mandolin to slice the vegetables into 1/4 inch thickness. Dip potatoes into batter and deep fry in oil using another saucepan/fryer on medium high heat. Fry for about a minute or two minutes or till light brown.
Can also substitute using other vegetables such as cauliflower, zucchini, green peppers.

Thai Rainy Day Soup

19 Feb

Shrimp or Scallop (1/4 lb)

Rice Noodles (1 bunch)

Water (2 – 3 cups)

Tom Yum Paste (Hot and Sour) (1 tbs.)

Vegetables (cabbage, bean sprouts, button mushrooms)

In a soup dish bring water to a boil. Add Tom Yum Paste, rice noodles, chopped vegetables and shrimp. Cook for about two minutes or until noodles are done. Adjust with more water if soup is spicy. 

This is a meal in itself and is quick and easy. Ingredients listed can be found at oriental stores.




White Chocolate Treats

19 Feb

White Chocolate Treats

Learnt to do this at a chocolate class. White chocolate hand molded into a rose. Used a veiner for the leaf.


I’ve been on a …

13 Feb

I’ve been on a diet for two weeks and all I’ve lost is two weeks.

Totie Fields (1931 – 1978)


Hollywood is a …

13 Feb

Hollywood is a place where they place you under contract instead of under observation.

Walter Winchell (1897 – 1972)