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Dates Bread

29 Apr



Dates (dry/1 small packet)

Flour (1 1/2cup)

Eggs (1)

Spicy rum (1 cup)

Sugar (1 tablespoon)

Baking Soda (1 tsp)

Baking Powder (1/2 tsp)

Salt (1/4 tsp)

Soak dates for at least a couple of hours in spicy rum. Mix dry ingredients. Add eggs slowly dry ingredients and add dates mixture and beat for a minute.  Grease loaf pan and put the mixture in. Bake in 350 degree until done. Check with toothpick or fork. If sticky then wait for another 5 or 10 minutes and check again.





Costa Rica PURA VIDA

21 Apr

Spring break in Costa Rica – adventures in foods!.