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From Japan With Love

11 Apr

Eat it - just eat it

Japan’s gift to Washington D.C. in 1912 were these Cherry blossoms trees. Over three thousand in 12 varieties. The flowers are currently in full bloom. They look good enough to eat!


“if it looks good – eat it!”  Before you say -yeah right Mr. Andrew Zimmermann! Check out local ice cream stores and I’ll vouch it’s good. I bought the ‘cherry blossoms’ in pint size for eight dollars and it was well worth it.


Check out ride options while in Washington D.C.


Rides in water

Rides in water

land travel only

land travel only


Gods and Godesses

8 Apr


Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty was born in Cyprus.  According to tour guides, this was the spring and pond where Aphrodite bathed and met secret god lovers. For believers –to-date the spring and water brings beautyImage


and youth to those that touch or bathe in it. Could it be?  I have to compare before and after pictures!

Cyprus is a small island located in the Mediterranean. Please check with travel websites.

Prized Possessions

6 Apr

My very own ‘Oscar’.

My husband surprised me with it on our vacation in Hollywood, California.  The imprint says “Hollywood” and “Best Sweetheart” There are many tourist stores that sell the ‘Oscar’. It can be yours too – for less than 10 dollars.

Speaking of Oscars, Argo received a well-deserving Oscar. I liked the movie.  Producers include Ben Affleck, George Clooney.  Ben Affleck is acting in the movie. Visit for history of the Oscars or to see the trailer.Image

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

6 Apr

I used a cake mix packet for creating these whoopee pies. The packet cost a dollar or two dollars. Follow package instructions for baking and frosting which is, cream cheese, butter, vanilla essence and powdered sugar. Fun activity to do with kids.


Friendship Cookie

4 Apr


In some cultures around the world it’s considered rude when you don’t accept food from your friends or neighbors. When you choose to accept, and not simply say ‘no thanks’ or ‘i’ll pass’ you are being respectful.

What is your new neighbor going to take away from the experience if you accept? Most importantly what will kids learn by accepting something they’re not typically accustomed to? 

I’ve posted a picture of the cookies the new neighbor offered us. Of course they appear nothing like the ones we buy at the local grocery stores. My kids knew better than to refuse them point blank and they did eventually try them out too.

Sometimes the man brings leftover pizza. Judging by his smiling face, seems to him sharing leftover pizza with family or friends is the same as sharing with entirely new neighbors. My caucasian neighbor offered us leftover doughnuts some years ago, and she had an equal amount of enthusiasm.  I’ve gone back (Krispy Creme) for more doughnuts ever since.

There’s more to sharing a few things with neighbors or new friends. For example, did you know you can watch the doughnut being processed from beginning to end at Krispy Creme?