Aside 5 Mar


Richard Branson

For about Rs. 300/- it was an affordable read. I would read at the airport while waiting to catch the connecting flight. The book? Richard Branson – Losing My Virginity – The Autobiography. Why Mr. Richards? 

Sir Richard Branson is the creator of the Virgin brand and business. He is involved in the fight against global warming and other ventures and is amongst the first to bring up commercial space travel through Virgin Galactic.

What is equally interesting is that he lives a very adventurous life while doing all this. In the book there’s a photo of the man arriving at his wedding in a white tuxedo hanging on to the bottom of a helicopter! What opposites – because he also says that his wife does not like flying!!

Of course we want to know what entrepreneurs like him think. What was the very thing or things that led to his success? 


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